Welcome to Cardassia Prime! We like visitors, but be warned, the Obsidian Order has ears everywhere to hear your whispered secrets.

This group begins on Cardassia in 2370. The Dominion have not gripped the Union and the Union isn’t at war with the Federation- yet. Will you help the Cardassian Union change a possible future or encourage it?

IC Group:

OOC Boards:

Useful LinksEdit

  • You can see all the characters in Cardassia Prime here.
  • This page is for developing characters in fiction writing and could be useful.
  • This group is in a PBeM format. To learn about this style of posting, click here.
  • This website is invaluable for role playing. For anyone with questions, it is STRONGLY reccomended that you look on PBEM Players.

Available CharactersEdit

While this list isn’t complete, you can see a preview of available characters here. To see all available characters, follow the Characters tab above.

  • Gul Dukat
  • Glinn Damar

Game PoliciesEdit

When looking into a new game, it is important to know what your fellow writers expect out of you. Please review this portion of this page carefully.

  • All members should be 18 or over. While we are not based on adult situations, we do not censor these situations, we only require that they be marked in the subject line. If you are working on something that you feel is questionable, please feel free to contact the moderator for guidance.
  • All members should have experience with writing. Creative writing is best, but the most important part of this is understanding spelling and sentence structure. It isn’t necessary to be a professional, but the more knowledgeable you are about how to write properly, the better. Well written bodies of work make it easier on who you are posting with to understand what you are trying to communicate.
  • When you are participating in a group, being available is an important factor. Please be available at least a few days a week to reply to posts. The more the better because the plot will move along instead of be stagnate, but be available to other members at least three times a week.

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