When you think about what characters you’d like to play in this game, you aren’t limited to only canon characters from the series. You can select characters from books or create your own as well. Variety is good and amazing characters can be developed off minor characters from the show, major ones, or ones entirely original.

See all the characters in the game here.

Regardless if yours is canon or original, it still needs to be approved. Sometimes when designing a character, it is difficult to remember that if they are perfect, they aren’t fun for you to play, nor are they fun for anyone else. That’s all the approval process is for, to make sure that your character is the best they can be!

Available CharactersEdit

  • Gul Dukat
  • Glinn Damar
  • Kotan Pa'Dar
  • Rugal Pa'Dar
  • All other canon characters

You may also be interested in seeing our category 'Referenced'. Here, characters that are not played or otherwise controlled are listed. Some of these characters are not available for playing for other reasons, however you may find some that are appealing.

You can see a complete list of characters here.

Character ExamplesEdit

Natalia Kotal is an example of a complete character profile. All information that can be provided by the writer for Natalia is provided, complete with her family information. Profiles should generally be well filled out and informative about a character's history, family and even personality. All of these, especially the first two, could lead to new plots or associations for your character if you are forthright with that information.

Character TemplateEdit

A character template, in .DOCX format, is available for download. Please fill it out completely- no space should be left blank as they are all important for you to know! You can copy and paste it onto the OOC boards or email it to the group moderator:

You can download it here.

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