If there’s anything you want to know about our game, you can find it on the wiki. Though, if you’re familiarizing yourself with what’s going on, then you’re in the right place!

Game HistoryEdit

For 60 years the Cardassian Union occupied Bajor in the infamous Occupation of Bajor. [1] The Occupation ended in 2369. In 2370, the political situation on Cardassia was not completely stable with High Command in conflict and dissatisfied Cardassians secretly becoming more and more dissatisfied with the current situation. This is where our game picks up.

More will be added to this section as we develop and grow as a group. As original characters are allowed, it isn’t required for the group to follow the events in Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

Cardassian GovernmentEdit

Cardassian Union logo

Cardassian government is a complex subject. There are three bodies that make up the government: The Obsidian Order, Cardassian Central Command (High Command) and the Detapa Council.

Detapa CouncilEdit

While technically the Detapa Council presided over the Obsidian Order and the High Command, in actuality the council had very little power. The Council was, however, responsible for the withdraw of the Cardassian Union from Bajor. The Detapa Council is the civilian governing body of the Union and is overseen by a chairman.

Cardassian Central CommandEdit

High Command was the military authority in the Union. They had control of every ship, outpost and space station. While they ruled Cardassia with the Obsidian Order, the High Command generally had a great distrust for them.

Obsidian OrderEdit

The Obsidian Order functions as the intelligence agency for the Cardassian Union. Known and feared throughout the quadrant for their information and surveillance gathering, nearly all Cardassians are frightened of the Order. While the Order is powerful, their only restriction is that they are forbidden from military operations or to possess military equipment. Despite this one drawback they are still ruthlessly efficient at espionage and eliminating ‘traitors’ without evidence or questions asked.

Cardassian SocietyEdit

Loyalty to the UnionEdit

While it isn’t mandatory for Cardassians to serve in the military, many seem to show a strong sense of loyalty to the state and serve it in some way while in the prime of their life. This does not mean, however, that it is necessary for all characters to serve the military, political or science fields.


Cardassian families are often large with several generations living in a single household. They are very loyal to family, though it isn’t known if they are more loyal to family than to the state. Parents pass along their secrets to their children to use against the family’s enemies.


Gul Dukat had seven children with his Cardassian children and at least two with Bajoran mistresses. If his example is of the standard Cardassian family, than their large families may or may not include many children. Despite the loyalty to family and the importance of it, this doesn’t seem to extend to orphans. Though, adoption is available.


Generally, a married couple had authority over the home together, however each marriage is different so this may or may not be true in all homes. It isn’t clear if extra-marital affairs are accepted or merely tolerated by some. Both Gul Dukat and Legate Damar had affairs, in the case of Dukat, his wife left him upon his return with his illegitimate daughter, Tora Ziyal. However, in the case of Kotan Pa’Dar, there is no indication that he remarried after his wife’s death in 2362. This could suggest intense love and loyalty, despite her death. Much like humans, this seems unique to the situation.


Aged members of Cardassian society are usually regarded as wise and are well respected. Perhaps this is why they continue to live in the home of their children and grandchildren.

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