NAME: Natalia Kotal
SPECIES: Cardassian

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Natalia was born to Nala and Toral Cevdak on September 20, 2348 (earth calendar). Her childhood was a happy one, filled with privileged outings and the highest education. She was introduced to her future husband, Aamin Kotal by her father in hopes that, should they get married, it would strengthen political ties to Aamin’s father. With encouragement from both Cevdak and Kotal, Natalia and Aamin married and learned to love one another. She was seventeen at the time and he, seven years older, was twenty-four.

When she was nineteen Natalia gave birth to their first child, a healthy boy. The couple named their first born son after Natalia’s father. Toral was born on Bajor where Aamin was assigned. On Bajor, Natalia managed the home while her husband was a soldier for the Cardassian Union. The lifestyle suited them both and in 2369, Natalia became pregnant once again.

Tragedy struck the small family when, in the process of withdrawing from Bajor, Aamin was killed. A family friend, Juras Tallel helped Natalia and Toral off the planet and back to Cardassia. Despite the emotional strain of the event, Natalia still gave birth to a baby girl named Layla.

Currently, Natalia resides in the family home with her grandparents, parents and siblings.


Introverted and quiet, Natalia has never been a woman to draw a lot of attention to herself. She does like to debate and can stand up for herself, but generally she prefers to work quietly on her own. Natalia has a very strong sense of right and wrong; because of this, she was not comfortable with her husband’s post on Bajor during the Occupation. Often times this sense of right and wrong brought her in conflict with her husband, though she still loved him, believing that the was the product of group thinking rather than individual thought.



Natalia’s one romantic relationship to date has been with her late husband, Aamin Kotal. She married him at seventeen years old and after his death, she hasn’t looked for any romantic involvement.


Natalia has two children. Toral, her first born son, was born in 2367 on Bajor. Layla, her second child and a daughter, was born on Cardassia in 2369.


The fourth child born between Nala and Toral Cevdak, Natalia has two older brothers, Skrain, born in 2338 and Trevik, born in 2344. She also has an older sister, Si’jal, who was born in 2346. Her one younger sibling is her brother Tranik and was born in 2350. Natalia also has an illegitamate sister, Dao-ming Woo Cevdak.

Played ByEdit

This character is played by Lilly.

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